Welcome to the new Xanita Academy

Welcome to the new Xanita Academy

We have decided to change our approach to helping you learn how to work with Xanita board. The new Xanita Academy now makes the information you need easier than ever to access. It has also been redesigned to allow us to share information faster and in a less formal manner.

The new logo

As part of giving the Academy a brand new look and feel we’ve also decided to give it a new logo. This new logo is inspired by the Penrose triangle and represents the “A” in Academy, the lines of a cut-file and moving from a 2D flat sheet to a 3D finished design.

The Penrose triangle is also referred to as the impossible triangle, and a huge part of what we do here at Xanita is attempting to make the impossible (or seemingly impossible), possible.

Why is the Academy important to us?

At Xanita we are Pioneers. When we started there was no industry, there was no market. Wide format flatbed printing and CNC cutting was in its infancy. To get to where we are now, we have learnt many lessons, some incredibly hard and  want to continue to lead and innovate, continuously pushing the industry forward, re-defining possibilities, and creating new ways of doing things. 

At our core we are dedicated to Sustainability, passionate about good design and committed to making **it happen.

And to put it simply, we want you to succeed!

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