Xanita board is designed to be printed on wide-format digital flatbed printers or hybrid printers (a printer that can print roll to roll or rigid flat sheets). The Board has thickness, so you want a printer that can print at least 17mm off the bed.
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Fiducials are reference points that help machines recognise where an object is in its space. When it comes to printing and cutting Xanita board fiducials are vital to ensure precise cutting that matches up with the print on the opposing side of the board.
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Xanita board is designed to be cut with digital CNC cutters, such as Zund or Kongsberg. CNC cutters should not be confused with CNC routers. The two primary tools a cutter requires are an oscillating tool - preferably electric as opposed to pneumatic, and a V-cut tool. These two tools will allow you to work successfully with Xanita board.
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One of the unique selling points of Xanita board is the ability for the liner to be removed with a heat gun. This allows for clean, quick and easy curves and bends to be created with the board, which adds a new dimension to the design possibilities.
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